Church and Castle

There are literally thousands of churches in Romania, some sources mention 18.000 as a somewhat accurate number. Add to this a serious number of monasteries and castles and we have plenty of sites to visit. Below a few examples in the area, mostly based on Wikipedia, TripAdvisor and other sites.

Some fantastic places are not mentioned here; they are a bit far away and are easily found on Tourist Information sites. If you are interested, please consider Peles Castle, Sinaia Monastery and Bran Castle which could all be visited in a 2 day trip.

VenueDistance Comments
Bistrița Monastery45km
a Romanian Orthodox monastery located 8 km west of Piatra Neamț. It was dedicated in 1402, having as original founder the Moldavian Voivode Alexandru cel Bun whose remains are buried here (combine with Stephen the Great’s Tower)
Buhalnita Monastery (Romanian Site)2kmThe monastery from Buhalnita is documented from 1458, founded by the voivode Stefan cel Mare who donated it to the Neamt Monastery
Biserica Buna Vestire (Romanian Site)20kmErection of the church from the old hermitage either in 1741 or at the beginning of the 18th century. A legend attributed to the founding of the church, states that the ruler 
Petru Rareș in September 1538, stopped after being betrayed by the Turks
Neamt Citadel65kmThe Neamt Citadel was built in 14th century Moldavia during Petru I of Moldavia‘s reign and expanded in the 15th century, although there are sources claiming evidence of fortifications around 1380. The citadel played a key role in Stephen III of Moldavia‘s defense system
Stephen The Great’s Tower51kmIn the historic city center of Piatra Neamt is located Bell Tower or Ștefan’s the Great Tower, Built in year 1499 (combine with Bistrita Monastery)
Durau Monastery35kmDurau Monastery was built on the place where there was a hermitage of nuns, founded in the XVII century by one of prince Vasile Lupu’s daughters. The first mention about Durau Monastery is from 1779 
Petru Voda30kmLocated in a beautiful glade in the mountains Stânişoarei, Petru Voda Monastery is one of the important centers of pilgrimage in the post-revolutionary Romania
Sihastria Monastery58kmFounded in 1655 and a large monastery complex containing: the old church, the new church, the cemetery of the monks, the bell tower, the winter chapel, the church museum, the library, the accommodation for monks and tourists